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To Jesus and Mary: Thanks for the 2nd Luminous Mystery

The Second Luminous Mystery of the Rosary is the Wedding at Cana.

Hello Jesus,

I want to thank you for what you did at the wedding at Cana. Thanks for turning the water into wine when your mother asked you to. Thanks for showing us in the story of the wedding at Cana how your mother Mary is an intercessor for us. And thanks for giving the Eucharist to us, turning wine into your real blood, over and over again at every Mass, as you once turned water into real wine. I love you, Jesus.

Hello Mary,

I want to thank you for your words to us, “Do whatever he tells you.” Thanks for always pointing us towards your Son Jesus and reminding us to obey Him and stay close to Him. Thanks for always praying to your Son on our behalf.

Goodbye Jesus and Mary, I will write to you again later,



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