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To Jesus: Thanks for being there for me

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for being there for me through all the hard times. Thank you for saving me and taking my place, and thank you for Mother Mary and all the saints. I’m sorry for sinning against you, for hurting others and myself, and for doing things I know hurt your heart deeply. Thank you for always listening to me and comforting me in my times of trouble (which is pretty often for me, let’s be honest.) Thank you for your abundant mercy and grace and unconditional, unceasing, never-ending love. I love you, and I’m so thankful for your sacrifice and your Church. Lord, help me to be a peacemaker, and ultimately just be more like you. Please help me to get through this dark patch and realize I’m not so alone. I love you so, so much, and I know you love me a whole lot more. Thank you again.

I love you, Jesus. Amen.



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