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To Jesus: I want to be your friend

from Harold

Dear Jesus,

Today, I have friendship with you on my mind. It's the feast day of your intimate friends, the siblings Saints Martha, Mary, and Lazarus. What does friendship with you look like? You said that "if you love me, keep my commandments." Friendship with you is listening to you and doing your will which is the will of the Father. I confess that sometimes I struggle with doing your will in all things – – maybe I don't listen as closely as I should so listen though what you want me to do. Please help me to listen, to see, and to do. You know all things, you know that I want to be your friend.

We are already friends. You are my friend indeed, you loved me and gave yourself to me, you are my friend and you consider yourself my friend – – you laid your life down for me. But how ungrateful I can be! How quickly I forget. I feel that I am not a very good friend to you at times, but you never cease to call me and bring me closer and closer to you. Please help me be a good friend to you, especially as it seems that you have so few friends nowadays!

Jesus, I know how much you want me to be close to you. You want me on the cross with you, to keep you company on Cavalry. I am here to keep you company. I am with you on the cross. You are with me in my joys. I am with you in your joys. I want to rejoice in what makes you rejoice and to shun whatever makes you sad. I want to rejoice in the Truth which is what love does.

Jesus be everything to me. Help me to be your friend, and help all those reading this to be your friends.




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