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To Jesus in the Eucharist

Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit

Dear Jesus,

I haven't had my first communion yet. I look forward to when I will swallow you for the first time. On that day, unite me with you as your body enters my body and your blood mingles with my blood in my veins. Let me be an offering made over to your Father along with you. Join my soul with yours when I swallow you for the first time. Let me swallow your love on that day. Let that love spill out of me like warm light onto everyone around me.

I wonder, on that day when I swallow you for the first time, how will you keep me alive, as my sinfulness dares to touch your holiness? How can anyone swallow God without dying? Will you hide your glories from my sight just enough to keep me from being struck dead with awe?

I do not believe anybody can swallow God without dying; surely I must die in some way when I swallow you, even if I live on in another way. Let the sin within me die when I swallow you, and let my soul forever live on in your love. Let all of my needs and wants die when I swallow you, and let your love stay alive always within my heart.

My Lord, I know I can never prepare myself enough or become worthy enough to swallow you. You alone can prepare me by your graces and mercies. My Jesus, I need you to prepare me for the day when I will first swallow you, because I am afraid to touch your glory with my human mouth. When I swallow you for the first time, help me not to fear your glory; let me come to you filled with trust and love.

Eradicate my sins and weaknesses with your Eucharist. Make me one with you, Jesus my God. I want to be united with you. Kill my weaknesses with your divine power and drown me with a desire to be completely filled with you. You died for me, so I want the sin in me to die for love of you.

Jesus, my heart longs only for your Eucharist. I cannot live without you.

With all my love,



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