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To Jesus: I am amazed by your Eucharist

Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit

Dear Jesus,

I am not worthy to enter inside of the building that contains your real body and blood. But you let me come to Mass this morning. You let me watch as you were sacrificed for us on the altar this morning. You let me witness your crucifixion this morning. And I am not worthy. I have killed you on a cross before with my sins.

I hope to forget myself, and forget all my needs, and live for this reason: to adore and glorify you in your body and blood, in your tabernacle, and on your altar. Let me be given over to you alone in such a radical way that I no longer have any life outside of life for God. I am amazed by your Eucharist. You are the light of the world, and your Eucharist shines its light all over me, and I am safe from evil. Your Eucharist is light and love. Your Eucharist is my hope and peace. I dedicate everything about me to your Eucharist. You're so awesome, God, because you have not made yourself invisible to us. I have seen God in the flesh, yes, you still give yourself human flesh for us, over and over again, every day, at every Mass.

Unfathomable love - you are God, and you stay among us in the flesh, even when we don't recognize you. You are God, and you hide yourself among us, disguised as bread and wine, but your beauty shines through the disguise just enough for me to see as much of your glory as I can see without dying. How can anyone ever understand your Eucharist? I believe in your Eucharist, but I don't know what it is. Teach me whatever you would like me to know about it. See, here I am, waiting to be taught. With all my love, Rebecca

P.S. Thanks for letting me write letters to you, Jesus.


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