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Titles of Mary, the Mother of God

Hail, Mary full of grace, the Lord is with you!

Dear Mary,

I like you.

You are the Blessed Mother,

the Ark of the Covenant,

the Temple of the Lord’s Body,

the Rose Ever-Blooming,

the Daughter of Zion,

the Tabernacle of God,

the Dwelling Place for God,

the Handmaid of the Lord,

the God-Bearer,

the Sanctuary of the Holy Spirit,

the Daughter of the Most High.

You are the

Queen of Angels

Queen of Heaven

Queen of the Apostles

Queen of Martyrs

Queen of Peace

You are the

Mother of God

Mother of Christians

Mother of the Church

Mother of Divine Grace

Mother of Wisdom

You are the New Eve,

the Star of the Sea,

the Mystical Rose,

the Victor Over the Serpent,

the Woman Clothed With the Sun,

the Help of Christians,

the Comforter of the Afflicted.

You are Blessed Among Women,

Chosen Before the Ages,

Conceived Without Original Sin,

Free From Every Stain,


Full of Grace.

I like you.

Thanks for being Mother of God and mother of me.


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