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God's Love

Quotes from Pope Francis

"God's love is boundless. We can discover ever new signs that show His attention towards us and, above all, His wish to reach us and to await us. All our life, although marked by the fragility of sin, is placed under the gaze of God Who loves us. How many pages of the Sacred Scripture speak to us of God's presence, closeness and tenderness for every man, especially for the smallest, the poor and the troubled! The greater our need, the more His gaze upon us is filled with mercy. He feels compassion and pity towards us because He knows our weaknesses." - Pope Francis

"He is close to us, He is always by our side, He walks with us to share our joys and our pains, our hope and our strife. He loves us so much, to the point of making Himself man; He came into the world not to guide us but so that the world might be saved through Jesus. And this is God’s love in Jesus, this love that is so difficult to understand but which we feel when we draw close to Jesus. And He always forgives us, He always awaits us, He loves us very much. And the love of Jesus that we feel is God’s love.” - Pope Francis

"God does not love us because there is some reason that causes love. God loves us because He Himself is love, and love tends to spread and give by its nature. God does not even tie his benevolence to our conversion: if anything this is a consequence of God's love." - Pope Francis


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